Home » » 5 Pleasure-Maxing Positions The Titillating Trapeze Why It's So Hot "With this sex pose , a woman is really able to watch her man in action and one hundred percent surrender to the sensations," says Dr. Paget Ph.D

5 Pleasure-Maxing Positions The Titillating Trapeze Why It's So Hot "With this sex pose , a woman is really able to watch her man in action and one hundred percent surrender to the sensations," says Dr. Paget Ph.D

Written By Boaz Mkumbo on Saturday, March 2, 2013 | 12:07 AM

1. The Lusty Leapfrog
Why It's So Hot
"This is one of the
easiest positions in which to flex
your PC muscles around the glans
of his penis, which can initiate an
intense orgasmic response," says
Paget. This erotic arrangement
also allows for better command of
pacing and depth of thrusts (it's
easy to vary between deep and
shallow), which helps put you in
control of your climax, says
Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.,

How to Do It

Straddle your man (lying on his
back) and slowly lower yourself
onto his pelvis, sliding his penis
inside you as you go. But rather
than sitting down in a straddle
position, raise yourself up off him
in a squatting position. Put your
hands on his thighs, stomach, rib
cage or upper chest for support.
Start by sliding yourself up and
down his member by lifting your
lower body up and down — a
totally different motion than
going forward and back like
regular woman-on-top. Vary your
pace, starting with some fast,
teasingly shallow thrusts that
touch only the tip of his penis,
then move down into deep,
slower thrusts that envelop him
completely. The fabulous friction
you'll create will give you the
double bonus of amazing
sensations all along the edge of
your vaginal opening when you
pump shallow and on your G-spot
when you pump deep. And if you
try leaning backward and resting
your hands on his thighs and
knees, the sensation will even
spread to your clitoris — and the
natural arching of your back will
open up your body for him to

2.The Sultry Sidewinder
Why It's So Hot

All the eye
contact, kissing and closeness of
this position will drive your slow
climb to orgasm.
How to Do It
You and your man should be
facing each other on your sides,
superclose together, says Paget.
Raise your upper leg and help
him to slide inside you, then
drape the leg over his and tight
around it. "Try to arrange it so
that your feet are braced against
a wall or footboard," she advises.
"That way, you can use the
strength in your feet, legs and
toes to give you the action you
want." If you tend to get tense
before climaxing, this is the
perfect move to do as you peak
upward. "Some women require a
form of strong muscular
contraction to get to that next
level of stimulation that leads to
orgasm," says Paget. "The side-
by-side allows you to have that
firm, full-body contraction while
staying in motion." Adjust the
coital fit of his entry by tensing
or relaxing your thighs together.
You'll hug his trunk, stimulating
the inner walls of your entire
vagina; by relaxing your legs and
opening them somewhat, he'll
have a bigger range of motion,
which can help you get intense
clitoral titillation en route to your

3.The Canine Coupling
Why It's So Hot

How to Do It

Assume an all-fours crawling
position and let him enter you
from behind, either standing or
kneeling on the bed behind you.
"But instead of staying on your
hands and knees, tilt your
shoulders downward with your
forearms flat on the bed in front
of you," says Paget. The natural
curve in your back from this
variation will expand or contract
your vaginal wall so you can
monitor how deep he goes. If you
arch your back into a small
hump, it will shorten your vagina
and shift the stimulation down a
notch; bend it the other way and
you'll get deeper, more intense
thrusting action. Plus, he'll get
strong stimulation to the head of
his penis, the most sensitive part.
If you don't like him to go deep,
have him use a circular motion so
his pelvic bones don't push into
your tush. Should your arms
begin to ache from the exertion,
meld with the mattress by lying
flat on your stomach but arching
your buttocks upward by placing a
pillow under your pelvis. He'll be
perfectly positioned to hit your G-
spot, which is on the anterior
(tummy side) vaginal wall.

4.The Magic Missionary

Why It's So Hot

The Magic Missionary is a twist on
the regular missionary position
that simultaneously stimulates
both your and his hot buttons (he
gets extremely firm and strong
glans stimulation; you get close
clitoral stimulation). "Both the
man and woman's groin areas
stay in constant contact in this
position, which can be amazing
for orgasms," says Paget

How to Do It

Have him enter you while you
are lying on your back with your
legs apart. Once he's inside,
bring your legs close together and
have him hook his ankles around
your calves and raise himself up
slightly on his hands with a small
arch in his back. "He'll look a bit
like a frog," says Paget, "but he'll
feel more like a prince." By
closing your legs, you will create
a more snug entry for him and
more sustained clitoral
stimulation for you — his groin
will be doing a rumba on your
hot spot. "Also, because it's a
short stroke and the angle of his
penis in this position will be
arching up, he can control his
movements better (it's the
natural direction of his thrusting)
and really reach the front vaginal
wall." If too much depth in
missionary position causes you
discomfort, have him use shallow
strokes so he doesn't come in
contact with your cervix. As for
your movements, Paget suggests
that you tighten your lower
muscles (your hips, glutes and
thighs) to create rhythmic
clenching in your pelvic area for
heightened sensation.

5 .The Titillating Trapeze
Why It's So Hot

"With this sex pose , a woman is
really able to watch her man in
action and one hundred percent
surrender to the sensations," says
The power of this position
is that he gets to take complete
control and show off like a stud
while you lie back, relax and let
yourself have some very intense
G-spot pressure, says Paget,
because your lower body is lifted
up at a perfect angle for his
penis to give you maximum
penetration. Plus, it will double
your pleasure: Besides putting
your bod in a prime position for
your guy to hit your most sizzling
spot, you'll also be more open
than ever to manually (and
directly) stimulate yourself. This
will heat up your hottest genital
nerve systems (those around the
clitoris and the G-spot) and hold
them in harmony, so much so
that you can have what Paget calls
a blended orgasm.

How to Do It
Start by lying on your back on a
bed with your legs spread apart
slightly and your honey kneeling
in front of you. He should then
place the backs of your knees in
the crooks of his elbows and pull
upward so that your lower back
and butt are raised off the bed at
a 20- to 30-degree angle and the
backs of your thighs are pressed
against his stomach and chest. Try
using one or more pillows
beneath your tush and back (the
more pillows, the less you have
to do) to hike yourself up a bit so
he has a prime pleasure-you
angle. He should be able to enter
you easily this way, as your
buttocks will be cupped between
his quads with your genitals
pressing right up against his.
Although you'll have to expend a
bit of effort to keep your thighs
together, it will be well worth it!
"This position allows the man to
maintain his balance and push his
hips forward when he pulls your
body toward and away from him,
attaining a very easily maintained
rhythmic motion," says Paget.
And the better the rhythm, the
better your chances of a mind-
blowing orgasm.

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